About us at STSP

Stop The Star Program is a website built for the smog community (Shop Owners,
Technicians) finally a website were we can discuss and vent about all the different
situations we deal on a daily basis in our industry. We have came together to share
information and experiences we have encountered through many years of struggles and
mistakes in the smog industry. Here at STSP, we have built a website that provides a
forum to express our thoughts and situations we encounter, ideas, feelings, experiences
etc. Bar has really attacked everyone in the community, treating us like we are
nobodies. As we all can agree that we the technicians and shop owners, are the ones
that have to deal with all the crap Bar brings to our industry. So we have compiled
many ideas and thoughts from everyone on that visits our site, and we present our new
and updated site. Our number one goal, is to bring everyone that is involved in our
industry to utilize the resources we have gathered into this amazing website. To thank
everyone that visits us on a daily basis, we will work around the clock to provide
updated information and all the necessary tools for technicians and shop owners. On
behalf on STSP we want to thank everyone, and we are very grateful for everyones
support. Our purpose of bringing everyone together to fight our daily battles with
customers as with BAR.