Welcome to Stop The Star Program

Our Philosophy, here at STSP is that as smog technicians and shop owners, we are humans and make mistakes. But one simple mistake can cost us our careers and businesses. So we strive on providing educational information, resources, forums, classifieds, educational institutes, and many others. We are excited to provide the resources that can make the transition from a dry boring career, into an exciting and abundant career

Why we have came together to build this amazing community? We all know that there is many voices out there that implement fear into our industry. We all can relate to that moment when performing an inspection that we fear that if we prompt the wrong information, that it can come back and ruin our careers. Well that will no longer be an issue. Why, because there is many of us that visit the site, that have encountered the same situation. We can share our advice and wisdom, we will commit to bring everyone peace of mind, by eliminating the fear of being alone when stuck in a situation. How?
by posting your questions on the forum to other technicians, and shop owners. Looking for a technician, we provide a free classified section. Need update your license, we have a list institutes in your area. It doesn't get any better that's why we all have worked so hard to provide everyone a user friendly and useful site.